Friday, October 9, 2009

Bombing the Moon

Bombing the moon for any reason is just so violent and awful. It's insane and should be illegal. If we don't know enough about the moon to have to bomb it to find out, that in itself is enough of a contraindication.

Isn't NASA funded by the government? As in something else we're paying for that maybe everybody isn't in agreement that we should be doing? Some people are calling it probing the moon. Probing is just to gentle of a word for this. Raping and pillaging the moon is more like it.

On a lighter, brighter note here are two cute moon of my daughters was looking into the night sky when she was about three and remarked "the moon is folded in half" and another daughter, at about the same age, once described the shape of the moon as "banana".

Future moon stories might be "I looked up at the man in the moon and he had a big scar on his face."


Sasa Peace Rocks said...

I agree that it is insane to bomb the moon. It made me so sad when I found out. I like your moon stories. Peace. :-)

Mandala Michelle said...

I thought that was such a stupid thing to do. Poor moon.