Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids Making Bugs and Bug Houses

The second Saturday of each month is Art Festival Day at The Phoenixville Farmers Market and I enjoy spending those mornings there sharing creative activities with all the kiddos who happen to come by. Click here and scroll down to Artist Victoria O'Neill for my summer activity schedule there through September. (Mandala making is scheduled for August 8th!)

Last Saturday we made little clay bugs, and put them into small matchboxes covered with paper and decorated with markers. The photo above is of adorable sisters working away......the one on the left was a riot. She was so completely engrossed in covering every single inch of her bug box with markers.
This was an easy, enjoyable activity for all ages. Materials needed were various colors of clay, small matchboxes, glue sticks, white paper cut the size to cover the matchboxes, and some markers. About a hundred kids did this for a cost of about five bucks total........One hint is to have them make the bug right in the little box. That way it's sure to fit when you slide it into the sleeve.


Kristin said...

How fun!! I will do this with my kids tomorrow! :)

ArtistUnplugged said...

How cute and what a neat idea...I also love your Golden Rule Accordian coloring book, don't know how I missed it before!