Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's at the Bottom of YOUR Purse?

I was digging into the bottom of my purse today for change and just had to laugh at what kept coming up in my hand as I tried to gather $1.73 at the post office to mail a BurpADoodle to the winner of a drawing on the WrapADoodle blog.

  • one butterfly earring, badly bent

  • an allergy pill, worn around the edges

  • a glue stick

  • one flat diamond shaped block used to make mandalas

  • a crumpled restaurant receipt from last Saturday's dinner

  • a bracelet with gems and beads made out of real crushed rose petals

  • a piece of ginger candy

  • a safety pin

  • a tiny cloth book with a prayer stamped in it that I made for one of my kids about ten years ago.

  • a small bottle of lily of the valley essential oil
  • a toy truck
  • one orange ear plug

Go ahead and reach down in there and tell us 'What's at the bottom of YOUR purse?'


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ArtistUnplugged said...

That's funny! Hey, send me your email....mine is teb41@knology.net