Friday, May 22, 2009

Traveling Art Doll Symposium TADS

I recently became part of the Traveling Paper Art Doll Symposium . Five paper dolls with accompanying journals are being passed from artist to artist around the world. Once the project is over I believe there will be some kind of a book published all about it.

Doll # 2 of the five arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. She was in an acetate envelope attached to her journal. She came here fresh from another artist who had her enjoying a shopping spree in Paris.

The picture below is what happened to her here in my studio, encapsulated on two open pages of the journal.

I kept her in Paris and created a sparkly butterfly dress, hat, and shoes for her. I wrote a story about her search for love, printed it, then glued it right on the pages since no one can read my handwriting including myself. The background was done with markers.

"Paris is the city for lovers,
so the next task at hand is to find one.
I donned my sparkly butterfly dress,
hat and shoes and headed out the door.
I received many whistles, cat calls
and even a bottom pinch here and there
as I strutted through the city.
I came upon an elaborate entrance
to a garden path
and was enticed into a colorful meadow.
I tossed my shoes off
and began to run, skip and dance,
spinning and spinning and spinning
until I lost my balance
and fell headlong
into the suprised,
and suprisingly delightful, arms
of the most beautiful Monsieur I'd ever seen."

After finishing playing with the doll, I took off her clothes, made a little hanger for her dress and a box to tuck her hat into. (Her shoes are glued on the pages) I placed her carefully back into her envelope/journal. Now she goes back into the box she arrived here in, and heads out over the ocean to an artist in England for another adventure.



Mandala Michelle said...

Totally cool. Never heard of this before. I'm sure you are excited to participate! Also... I received your ATCs for the Kitchen Sink Swap! Thanks...

Ann said...

love what you did..sheis having the most wonderful time and i'm sure she's enjoying more time in Paris..who wouldn't. The bar has been set really high..when i get mine I hope I can reach it without a ladder.................!!!! Beautiful art!

Unknown said...

Hi Victoria!

Love this post. Thank you so much for adding your artistic style to this project. Her dress and hat are just lovely and what a vibrant page. ;)

Sending fairy magic for a beautiful evening.

~Kitty Kellie