Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New, Improved Studio!

For the past few weeks I’ve been stuck in art supply quicksand. It feels like the Going on a Bear Hunt story. Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, OH NO Gotta go through it! I’m in the midst of moving my studio from one big awful messy can't find anything space into two completely organized spaces like the kind I've seen in magazines and scorned in the past but now I want and desperately need. It has been pure traumatic HELL to go through everything and make decisions about what to do with it all. It's made me cry more than once.

My psyche feels like it’s full of all the rides at the amusement park going at once. This feeling will not end until it is all done. By done I mean finally for the first time in my life, being truly organized in my work space.

I read a book about organizing and quickly learned that these books are written by the same kinds of minds who decided to make calendars with the little boxes for each day of the month. I see the month like a spiral, so no wonder it’s all so hard.

The other issue is that my studio includes, encompasses and contains my whole life, and all my interests. No space could possible contain that……..

Everything is out of the old studio in boxes, all over the dining room. My husband has spent the past two days painting the old studio to get it ready for our son to move into. As soon as that’s done we’ll move him downstairs and me upstairs, where my art studio will be in a room across a small hall from the sewing studio, where half the stuff in the art studio has been moved to and organized already....

I’ve been using the completed sewing room to crank out WrapADoodles and it is the most pleasant experience ever - clean, efficient and wonderful! Everything at my fingertips and I am not losing anything.

I so look forward to getting the other half done so I can really buckle down and get back to work.



Art4Sol said...

Glad to hear you're making progress!

Gregorio said...

I can sympathize with your situation.My work space consists of a simple little corner for now and oh so cluttered.Amazingly I can actually find whatever I'm looking for.Good Luck with your new "organized" space.

Beltran Studios said...

Great work and an awesome blog!!!

tashabud said...

This is what I'd like to do to our entire house. Over 30 years of accumulated stuff is too much to go through in a week. I need at least three solid months or longer to really get organized.

Make sure you take photos of before and after for show and tell. LOL.


Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

well, i'm just about done. and will post some pics soon!

Wendy said...

Good for you for hanging with it. I know it's horrible going through all that stuff. I have a problem with organization stuff, too. I tell you what I find so much more helpful than the organization books -- looking at pics of other people's studios. That's my idea of heaven. Can't wait to see the pictures! :)