Monday, March 9, 2009

Losing Things

Oh gosh. I have been losing things all my life…..from coats and sweaters when I was a little girl to mostly now keys, glasses, cell phone, scisssors and pin cushions.

I’ve tried all the usual remedies, like have a hook or pretty bowl by the front door, for the keys. But when I rush into the house from being somewhere else, it’s just not in my nature to stop and hang them up or toss them into a bowl. They go into the pocket of whatever I’m wearing at the time, or on the dining room table, or in my studio (really hard to find anything in there) or in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom…….They could be put down anywhere! I have a key chain the size of Texas, so they’ll be easy to spot, but that doesn’t help much either. No matter what measures are taken, the keys usually wind up in the Bermuda Triangle.

It was never my idea to have a cell phone. It kind of falls into the camera category in that I forget to charge it, or forget to take it with me, or take it with me and go to use it and it’s dead. The kids would be calling me all the time “Where are you?” they’d ask, mainly hoping upon hope I was somewhere I could buy them something. ‘None of your business” is what I wanted to say.

I’d be on my way out the door and my husband would call out “Do you have your phone?” and I’d kind of ignore him. Next thing you know he’d be standing there with it in his hand, grinning. “Here you go. I got it all charged up for you.” Gee, thanks.

Over the years, I’ve grown to sort of need the phone because I travel around quite a bit doing interactive theatrical storytelling events and get lost and have to call for directions even though the mapquest printout is in my hand. And now all the kids have their own cell phones and it’s “free” for us to talk to each other. But the darn phone rings in my purse and I can never find it in the purse, for crying out loud! By the time I find it the person hung up already. When I finally figure out how to retrieve the message I can’t remember the password. I even made a cute little embroidered pouch for it, thinking that would make me like it more and make it easier to locate in the purse. It doesn’t and it didn’t.

Scissors disappear in my hands. I will be sitting down sewing somewhere, cutting, then put the scissors down, within arms reach obviously, and then can’t find them when it’s time to use them again, even though I have not budged since putting them down. I will look and look and look and look for those scissors, which by the way are very large and have a big ribbon tied onto one of the handles to shout to the deaf ears of my kids that they are only to be used for cutting fabric……..but they are nowhere to be found. Then suddenly, as if by magic, they are right in front of me.

Same thing goes for pin cushions, in spite of the fact that I made a huge one years ago. She’s a doll with a big rounded skirt for the pins, named Bertha, after my grandmother. I even tied a bell around Bertha so that if she wanders away it’ll be easy to find her. Even she gets lost. By sheer luck I found her one day wedged between the wall and the sewing table, with the little bell pressed into the wall, muted. So much for that idea.

Last but not least are glasses. I lose them at least once a day. Last week I ordered a leash for them from Pidge Molyneaux at . It came in the mail on Saturday. It’s a lovely, light and elegant piece of beaded jewelry that you hang around your neck and attach the arms of your glasses to the ends of. It’s been four days and they haven’t been lost once. So this is a success story so far. Hooray!

Hmmmm. How about a leash for the keys, phone and scissors………….?
How about a mind leash ? It’s the main thing that does most of the wandering around here....


ArtistUnplugged said...

You have my deepest sympathy...though I not that bad, I have lost keys before....never to find them and the check book once when I only went to the drive through cleaners...never saw it again. My cell phone is almost always with me, even in the house, grown pretty addicted to it. I can't remember anything though, don't ask me what I did yesterday!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

LOL! I can't keep up with my cell phone. It usually ends up being left on my bathroom counter or the bed. Lot's of good it does me there!

m1 Designs said...

HAHA, with me it is usually something in a cabinet that I am searching for and can't find for weeks at a time and suddenly voila, there is is right where it is suppose to me.
I blame this on the gremlins.

beornica said...

Oh my god. This post could have been written by me. I'm constantly having to IM my husband at work and ask him to call my phone so I can find it (I also never wanted on. I hate people being able to be like "where were you? What, are you ignoring me???" I just hate the phone and being on call 24/7 because of it.) and scissors? oh my god. I have 11 pairs of JUST sewing scissors last time I counted... and I ALWAYS have to do a scissor hunt before I can do a project. Granted, I have young children, which contributes greatly to my extreme state of disorganization. But... most of it's just me and my flightiness.

James Parker said...

Victoria, you have a super blog...and I have given you "The Fabulous Blog Award", which you can pick up, with the guidelines, on my March 11 blog. While you're there, I invite you to attend my March 8 five-part "blog party" for some smiles and wows.

Anonymous said...

LOL to all of us....and thanks so much for the award James, just haven't had the time to get it all together to participate!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe!!! This is so funny.My mother would always say there was a Bermuda Triangle in the washing machine, One sock instead of 2 would come out. Was a 'mystery' as to where the other 1 got to.
Thanks for this post, I am smiling:))