Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recording Life or Living Life

When I was growing up we rarely had a camera, and so there are very few images of those days.

Nowadays parents videotape or photograph their kids’ entire life! How weird that must be for a kid, to have the parent with them, but behind a camera………how weird for the parent too. That camera can turn into a barrier between them. If you’re so busy recording everything, then you can’t be fully experiencing it.

My goodness, some kids might even feel like movie stars do with the paparazzi chasing them down……

I can't say that things have changed much for me with my kids. Our son looked exactly like one of his big sisters when he was born so what's the point..........

Everytime I intend to take a picture the battery in the camera is dead, or I can't find the camera, or I forget it on the way out the door. The batteries are sometimes dead even after I put the them in the charger! (I'm probably putting them in the charger upside down with the positives and negatives in the wrong places.)

and so life goes on, unrecorded for the most part over here....

Last Saturday I went to the Healing Arts Coffee House and presented one of my interactive theatrical storytelling events,
The Capture and Return of Bald Beatrice the Baby Mermaid to a fun group of adults. Within the group were musicians and actresses so that was fantastic. Basically the crowd was 95% ham. I brought beautiful handmade puppets, props and costumes for all. It was a fabulous evening. Everyone really enjoyed it!

A script goes along with the story and my favorite part was when two mermaids burst into singing their parts! Two women were pirates and they were hysterical, just fell together into that wonderful world of PLAY! The humans in the boat were so funny and kept the story rolling along. My son Shea created an on the spot soundtrack on a piano there, that was perfect for the occasion. The show stopped several times because people were laughing so hard.

I wish there were pictures of all these grown ups wearing mermaid tails, brandishing, shark puppets, the octopus twins, beautiful fish, etc. However it is virtually impossible to capture the dynamic of these shows in that medium because they are different every single time. One must simply be there and experience it fully.